“What a wonderful concert last night. The audience was thrilled. The creativity, artistry, performance, visual effects, all worked to make for a wonderful musical experience.”

Harvey Levine

“That was a fabulous concert this afternoon!  There could not have had a better debut for the Ardor Trio.  Your selection of music was perfect and you were all very much in sync.  I loved the eye contact you kept with each other and the smiles added to the pleasure because it said you all enjoyed being there and playing together. For sure you will need a bigger venue for your next concert because we will be bringing several other friends with us.”

Jane Renninger

“The level of musical talent the three of you have amazes me.”

Kim Smith

“The concert was glorious and ended with extended standing applause (as well as applause after each and every movement).  I especially liked the variety:  Boccherini, Mozart, Schubert, Dohnanyi, and a contemporary composer.  Each had my rapt attention.  On the last number, the three players stood throughout the piece.  I especially loved the Dohnanyi, which I had not heard before. Can’t wait for the next concert.”

Lawrence Hess

“Very much enjoyed the concert, especially the second half. You really had everything organized, plus how you talked to and interacted with the audience, all of which made it very welcoming, and not stuffy or high brow.  Great job!  Happy to learn about your music background.”

John Adam

Ardor Trio

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